A New World of Anti-Aging Discoveries
Can You Really Live to Be 150—or Even Longer—in Good Health?

by Ross Anderson, N.D., D.C.


What if you could side-step Father Time and push back the ravages of aging 10, 20, 30 years or beyond? What would it mean to you if you no longer had to “just deal with” the costly and common problems our bodies are faced with as we get older?

Is it really possible to live your life more freely, without the growing threats of:

Bone loss
A failing memory
Inflamed and painful joints
Poor sleep habits
Dangerous blood sugar levels
Constant energy crashes
An under active sex drive/capability
Loss of eyesight and/or hearing loss
Life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes
High blood pressure, a waning heart, or other heart problems

Is this really possible? Absolutely! Thanks to recent breakthroughs in the booming field of anti-aging, it’s now possible to rewind the aging clock like never before.

But it hasn’t always been this way.

For as long as humans have occupied planet Earth, man has searched for ways of living a longer and healthier life. This ongoing search for long-lived youth has been referred to variously as the elixir of life, the universal panacea, the philosopher’s stone, and perhaps most well-known—the fountain of youth.


In recent historical times it was Juan Ponce de León—Spanish explorer and shipmate of Christopher Columbus—who is said to have searched for the Fountain of Youth in the area which is now the State of Florida.

But, unfortunately...until now...humans have not been able to solve the mysteries of aging—that is, why people age and how we can live a longer and healthier life. This has been the mysterious puzzle that’s been so hard to unlock ... that has eluded mankind since the dawn of civilization.

Everyone knows that as we traverse the path from youth to middle age and from middle age to old age, it becomes progressively more difficult to avoid age-related degenerative processes such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and over 75 other disease states.

Because of this, according to government statistics, 43% of Americans over the age of 65 will spend some time in a nursing home, and most people who enter a nursing home stay there for the remainder of their lives.

We’re Now at the Dawn of a New Age
in Health and Medicine—and You Have a Front Row Seat!

In this presentation, you’ll learn about amazing new anti-aging technologies that have only recently been discovered by the world’s most brilliant anti-aging scientists. These discoveries are so new that even your doctor won’t likely know about them for another 10 years.

You’ll learn...

bullet  How to optimize your body’s genetic expression—which will help you live longer and healthier

bullet  How to use stem cells—the body’s master cells—to repair your body’s tissues and organs

bullet  How nanotechnology is revolutionizing the fields of health and medicine, starting from the atom up

bullet  Why beauty is much more than only skin deep

bullet  How science has finally located the long-sought-after “ticking clock” of aging...and how to stop it and even turn back the hands of time

bullet  And much, much more

Does this sound exciting? It should, because these are the most exciting and important discoveries in anti-aging medicine that have ever been made. These discoveries will revolutionize life as you know it—your life—for the better.

And now I’m going to show you how you can…

Eliminate the 9 Underlying Causes of Aging
and Finally STOP — and Even REVERSE —
the Aging Process Once and For All

But first, let me quickly share with you how these incredible breakthroughs were discovered.

My name is Dr. Ross Anderson. I’m both a naturopathic physician (ND) and chiropractic physician (DC). I’ve been practicing medicine for over 30 years and I’ve learned a lot about the field of anti-aging.

Two years ago, I joined forces with Medical Research Associates, a private Washington-based company devoted to reporting on the most groundbreaking advances in the field of anti-aging medicine.

Our elite team consists of…

bullet  Traditional and integrative physicians (MDs)

bullet  Naturopathic physicians (NDs)

bullet  Ph.D.s who specialize in a broad range of anti-aging and medical topics

bullet  Contributing medical writers, editors & investigative medical journalists

bullet  and a senior Medical Advisory Board

Together, we've spent tens of thousands of hours doing exhaustive research to uncover, validate, and document the latest, most important breakthroughs in anti-aging science.

Doctors researching anti-aging compounds

And what we’ve discovered will SURPRISE and even SHOCK you!

We uncovered real breakthroughs in nearly every category of aging… from how our bodies age and the remedies to make them ageless – to optimizing strength & stamina while eliminating fatigue – from balancing nutrition for maximum health – to sleeping like a baby… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Keep reading and you’ll discover how one extraordinary book will turn “getting older” into “getting younger.” One book can give you more energy, more time with your family, and more time to live the life you’ve always imagined. A book that’s truly priceless… and it is almost priceless since you can preview it for free.

Now...if you’re ready to start “getting younger,” let’s understand WHY we “get older.”

Below are the Nine Underlying Causes of Aging…

Aging Cause #1: Cellular Energy Depletion

Would you be surprised to learn that fatigue is the single biggest complaint your family doctor hears about everyday?

It’s true… In fact, over 60 million Americans currently suffer from moderate to severe daytime fatigue? That’s roughly 20% of the population!

This lack of energy robs our lives… and it can mean the difference between having an abundance of energy to play with your children or grandchildren… or lying on the couch as life’s precious moments pass you by.

But that’s not the only thing it robs… It seriously affects your brain power. When fatigue sets in, you’re not as productive or alert. It’s harder to concentrate... and you may even forget things like someone’s name – or where you put your keys.

As you can see, fatigue is a huge problem and it affects A LOT of us!

So what causes this decline in energy? The secret lies within our cells…

Every cell in your body is powered by tiny “batteries” called mitochondria. Although you’d need a high-powered microscope to see them, these little “batteries” are what generate all of our mental and physical energy in perfect harmony.

And these batteries work brilliantly… until we hit around 40. That’s when this perfect balance of energy begins to lose steam – and our cellular energy production slows down considerably.

But thanks to recent discoveries in anti-aging, we can now recharge those batteries and get back our youthful energy and vitality.

Here are just a couple of these discoveries that will help you power up:

hamsterarrow  A team of researchers at the University of California Berkeley supplemented aging rats with a combination of two natural dietary supplements. With the two supplements used together, the researchers proclaimed that “these old rats got up and did the Macarena...The brain looks better, they are full of energy - everything we looked at looks more like a young animal...” The researchers continued... “We significantly reversed the decline in overall activity typical of aged rats to what you see in a middle-aged to young adult rat... This is equivalent to making a 75- to 80-year-old person act middle-aged.”

arrow  A unique dietary supplement containing an array of ingredients including glycophospholipids, antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts has been shown to decrease symptoms of moderate to severe fatigue—and increase energy levels by over 40%—in eight weeks. After only 12 weeks of treatment, cellular energy function was found to be similar to that of young, healthy adults.

Rats on Co-Enzyme-Q10arrow  Several years ago, scientists performed a groundbreaking experiment on the longevity of mice. One group received no Coenzyme Q10—a natural, vitamin-likesubstance; one group received the traditional type of CoQ10; and the third group received a new, special type of CoQ10. Most striking in this study were the differences in physical appearance and activity levels of the three groups of mice at the middle-age marker. The mice receiving no CoQ10 appeared very old and decrepit. They exhibited aging signs similar to aging humans, including spinal and limb deformities, patchy and discolored hair, and lesions in and around the eyes. They were unresponsive to contact and had virtually no activity level. The CoQ10 group faired somewhat better, but had rounded backbones and discolored coats, but less so than the control group. The group with the special type of CoQ10, on the other hand, looked like young mice. They had no physical deformities, and were responsive and energetic.

Aging Cause #2: Hormone Imbalance

In a nutshell, hormones are chemical messengers that regulate many bodily functions including metabolism, growth and development. Much like our energy production, hormone production fizzles out with age… only a bit sooner. In fact, a slow down in the production of hormones is one of the earliest signs of age-related change.

Unfortunately, these changes can result in lower mental and physical performance, loss of function, and a weaker defense against disease to name only a few of the detriments.

If you’re over the age of 30, I’m sure you’ve already experienced some of the not- so-pleasant tricks you’re hormones have been playing on you…like the extra pounds that start showing up as the years pass.

Although man has been trying to safely solve the hormone puzzle for decades, only recently have some of the most promising breakthroughs been discovered.

Here are just a handful of unique methods that safely boost hormones back to youthful levels. This, in turn, helps rewind the clock so that an older person’s mental and physical experience of life is closer to that of a person having the optimal hormone levels present in youth.

bullet In addition to testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone, other critical hormones also decline with age—one of the most important of which is Human Growth Hormone. A natural substance has been discovered which duplicates the benefits of human growth hormone without the attendant side-effects. This discovery could be one of the most important breakthroughs in anti-aging medicine. According to the Society for Applied Research in Aging, the many benefits of this breakthrough substance include:

  • Increased development of lean muscle mass through development of new muscle cells
  • Reduced body fat
  • Family with balloons
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Accelerated healing from wounds including surgery
  • Strengthened cardiovascular system
  • Enhanced immune function
  • Increased IGF-1 production
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Increased calcium retention, and strengthened and increased mineralization of bone or bone density
  • Increased protein synthesis and stimulated growth of all internal organs (excluding the brain)
  • Improved liver uptake of glucose
  • Promotion of liver glucogenesis
  • Maintenance of pancreatic beta cells

bullet An herb known colloquially as the “Viagra of the Amazon” has long been used by the indigenous peoples of the South America to improve both the psychological and physiological aspects of human sexuality. This herb enhances sexual desire in both men and women, improves erectile function and orgasm in men, and heightens the sensation of orgasm in women.

bullet  Supplementation with this natural hormone could reduce healthcare costs—including prescription drug use—by up to 75%. According to some anti-aging specialists, the use of “these specific types” of hormones in aging individuals would make obsolete most prescription medications for cholesterol reduction, insomnia, menopause, migraine headaches, and osteoporosis.

You’ll want to pay especially close attention to…

Aging Cause #3: Enzyme Depletion

Why? Because, biological enzymes are the basis of the chemical life of man. They initiate, accelerate or decelerate all chemical reactions in the body. Enzymes are so essential they have literally been called “the fountain of life.”

Food-enzymes play a crucial role in our health and how quickly we age. Diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and premature aging are intimately connected to a compromised metabolism resulting in large part from the lack of enzymes in our diets.

Here are just a couple of new and unique methods for boosting enzyme levels. This, as in the case of boosting hormones and mitochondrial energy, helps rewind the clock so that an older person’s psychological and physical experience of life is closer to that of a person having the optimal enzyme levels present in youth.

bullet  Dr. Howell, the Father of Enzyme Therapy, stated that “... by supplementing ...with enzymes, we can stop abnormal and pathological aging processes. We suggest that if we postpone the degradation of metabolic enzyme activity, what we now call old age could become the glorious prime of life. Enzymes, thus, may be the ‘fountain of life’ so earnestly sought for and so mysteriously illusive.

bullet  A certain form of seeds have been consumed by man for all recorded history. Used both medicinally and nutritionally, ancient Chinese physicians reported over 5,000 years ago the disease-treating and health-benefitting role of this type of seed. Although accounts of this seed are reported in ancient manuscripts including the Old Testament book of Daniel, it is only recently that its nutritional and medicinal merits have been recognized.

bullet  Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is a principal stomach acid necessary for the proper digestion of all nutrients consumed in the diet. By age 50, many persons produce only 15% of the HCl produced by a 25-year-old. About 50% of persons over 60 years of age have functionally low stomach acid. A significant number of elderly persons produce virtually no stomach acid. The underproduction of HCl typically contributes to deficiencies of a broad array of vitamins and minerals, often silently reeking havoc with the ability to maintain good health and the absence of disease. Proper digestion is such a critical aspect of maintaining good health that some scientists have proposed the Digestive Failure Theory of Aging. For just pennies a day, an inexpensive, natural plant substance can be taken orally which compensates for the lack or low levels of stomach acid. This, in turn, enables the stomach to produce more digestive enzymes.

Aging Cause #4: Crosslinkage

The food we eat is transformed into glucose—the type of sugar that fuels our body’s cells. The chemical insulin is secreted by the body to help “unlock” the cells and allow the glucose, or blood sugar, to enter and nourish the cells. When insufficient insulin is available, or the body’s cells are resistant to it, there is a harmful buildup of sugar within the blood.

This unchecked overabundance of glucose within the blood so characteristic in both diabetics and pre-diabetics also causes proteins and fat cells to link to the sugar molecules, thereby damaging the cell, tissues, and organs—including DNA—the material that contains the genetic instructions for the proper development and functioning of our bodies. This is the complex chemical process of glycation, the fourth biological process that leads to degradation of the body and unnecessary premature aging.

The following are new and unique methods of safely reducing glycation, reversing the crosslinkage of cells and tissues, and treating diabetes. This, in turn, helps rewind the clock so that an older person’s mental and physical experience of life is closer to that of a youthful person not undergoing the glycation process.

bullet  A group of physicians at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children may have discovered the cure for diabetes using an extract from common chili peppers. When used on mice, virtually overnight, the mice no longer had the disease. “I couldn’t believe it,” remarked one of the doctors working on the study. “Mice with diabetes suddenly didn’t have diabetes anymore.” Learn about this potential breakthrough in diabetes treatment.

bullet  Eliminate diabetic neuropathy with the invention of an award-winning American physician. Stabbing pains and burning sensations reduced by an average of 95%. Reduces numbness and restores feeling in 83% of users. This high-tech device is covered by Medicare.

bullet  Watching the rapid age progression of diabetics is like watching the normal aging process on fast forward. Yet, enlightened doctors are reversing 90-95% of Type II and markedly improving Type I diabetics in about 30 days. Learn how to rid yourself of this health- and life-draining illness in the privacy of your own home.

bullet  Do you love your high-calorie diet? Want to find out how to eat what you crave without the harmful side-effects of diabetes and cardiovascular disease? Harvard scientists have shown how this plant substance prevents many of the detrimental health effects caused by over-eating and obesity (including glycation, lipoxidation, and carbonylation). It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Aging Cause #5: Immune Dysfunction

The body’s first line of defense against all forms of illness is the immune system. The job of the immune system is that of a protector or guardian, continuously in search of foreign intruders that can cause harm.Single-Cell Science Infective microbes such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, yeast, and other toxic substances continually challenge our immune defenses. In order to maintain good health, these defenses must have the ability to protect the body from infection by these potentially dangerous invaders. To the extent that our immune function declines, for example with increasing age, ill health and disease follow.

Any medicinal agent that significantly boosts the power of the immune system’s defenses is of great benefit in the treatment of any illness or disease. In a very real sense, the strength of the immune system represents an important index of the body’s overall health. The following are examples of are new and unique methods of safely boosting immunity. This, in turn, helps rewind the clock so that an older person’s mental and physical experience of life is closer to that of a person having the optimal immune function present in youth.

bullet  It is recently understood that cold and flu seasons result largely from a deficiency of this one vitamin-like substance. Insuring adequate levels of this inexpensive, natural substance serves as a powerful illness and disease preventive. In fact, this substance could be considered “the ultimate natural oral vaccine” to prevent colds and flu.

bullet  This master molecule, taken orally as a dietary supplement, is one of the, if not THE, most powerful immune boosters ever developed in the research lab—yet it is virtually unknown to all but the most up-to-date health aficionados.

bullet  For centuries, garlic has been used medicinally with considerable success. But only recently, a new “super garlic” extract has been developed which increases its effectiveness many fold. This garlic-on-steroids exerts powerful anti-microbial actions against a broad range of pathogens including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Stay healthy with this odor-free new discovery.

bullet  White blood cells are missiles of the immune system that seek out and destroy pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. An extract of brewer’s yeast uniquely attaches to these blood cells to vastly increase their aim and killing power. Rev-up your immune system with this natural powerhouse supplement and reduce your susceptibility to colds, flu, illness, and disease.

Aging Cause #6: Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s first-response survival strategy and defense mechanism designed to combat irritation and infection. It is the immune system’s attempt to combat bodily trauma as well as disease-causing invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Inflammation is characterized by a series of familiar occurrences: redness, heat, swelling, and pain.

Sometimes the process goes awry, fails to be self-limiting, and the inflammatory condition persists unchecked.

It is increasingly being realized there is a basic, underlying factor which may play a significant role in the causation of many of age-related disorders. This factor is the presence of systemic inflammation.

The following are examples of are new and unique methods of safely and effectively reducing systemic inflammation. This, in turn, helps rewind the clock so that an older person’s mental and physical experience of life is closer to that of a person having the lack of systemic inflammation present in youth.

bullet  Used as a medicine by the ancient Egyptian pharaohs as well as traditional Ayurvedic medical practitioners of India dating back some 6,000 years, a special form of this common spice is one of the most powerful systemic anti-inflammatory substances know to man. Using this “super spice” extract produces nearly miraculous results in quenching the flames of inflammation anywhere in the body.

bullet  Over three decades of painstaking research has led to an oil extract of a marine mollusk that’s over 200 times more powerful than the gold standard anti-inflammatory—fish oil. This product is so effective that elite marathon athletes use it to prevent exercise-induced inflammation of the lungs.

bullet  An enzyme originally isolated in the late 1960s from the Japanese silkworm — and currently produced commercially from a special bacteria culture—is one of nature’s most effective systemic anti-inflammatories. Although this enzyme remains virtually unknown to the medical community, those who use it swear by its effectiveness.

Aging Cause #7: Oxidation

Free radicals are unstable particles that aggressively attack and damage all of the body’s cells, tissues, and organs. The process of free radical damage is called oxidation.

science discoveriesModern science believes that free radical pathology is a principal contributor to progressive loss of organ function that accompanies aging and is a principal causative factor in as many as 80 degenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, arteriosclerosis, asthma, cancer, cataracts, coronary artery disease, diabetes, immune dysfunction, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke.

Because free radical damage is the foundation of many disease states, locating the most powerful and effective antioxidant substances is of critical importance in the quest to preserve our good health and longevity.

The following are examples of are new and unique methods of safely and effectively reducing oxidative stress within the body. This, in turn, helps rewind the clock so that an older person’s mental and physical experience of life is closer to that of a person with youthful levels of oxidation.

bullet  Until recently, glutathione—the body’s master antioxidant—couldn’t be taken orally because it would be degraded in the harsh environment of the stomach. Modern science has recently discovered a breakthrough way to deliver this wonder substance so that it is absorbed at the rate of about 90%. This powerful master substance has no equal.

bullet  The Physician’s Health Study, which involved over 20,000 male physicians between the ages of 45 and 75, showed that an intake of 50 mg of this inexpensive antioxidant vitamin every other day reduced the rate of heart disease and stroke by 50%.

bullet  This $5 per month vitamin is the only antioxidant known to man that can be taken in sufficiently large yet non-toxic quantities to counteract virtually any amount of free radical pathology produced by any disease state, including the high level of free radical pathology produced in the lungs by various strains of otherwise lethal influenza. The traditional medical community has virtually no knowledge of this astonishing breakthrough.

bullet  Reduce the risk of developing cancer by 50% when you take adequate quantities of this one vitamin. Reduce the risk 10-fold with adequate levels of this one vitamin plus one mineral. This is dirt-cheap prevention you can’t afford to be without.

Aging Cause #8: Stress

Stress is the mental and physiological reaction to perceived demands of daily life that exceed one’s ability to cope or respond to the situation in a reasonable manner. The symptoms of stress include anxiety, depression, insomnia, and fatigue, and may lead to physical ailments ranging from the minor to the catastrophic.

Just as the body can exert powerful influences on the mind, it is well established that the converse is also true—the human mind can exert powerful effects on the body. It is known that negative psychological states such as depression and anxiety can lower the body’s immune function, opening the door to various types of illness and disease. For example, depression has been linked to dramatic reductions in immune function, including the reduction of white blood cell activity and lowered antibody responses.

Some scientists believe that perhaps 70-80% of all age-related diseases are the result of high stress levels that do not quickly resolve.

The following new and unique methods of safely and effectively reducing stress help rewind the clock so that an older person’s mental and physical experience of life is closer to that of a youthful person not plagued by stress.

bullet  This once-highly-guarded secret is a plant extract used by elite Russian athletes and Cosmonauts. In addition to increasing physical and sexual performance, it significantly reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and over-reactivity.

bullet  Addiction—one of the manifestations of stress—can wreck your life. Learn the secret of how rocker Peter Townshend of The Who kicked his long-term heroin habit quickly and painlessly. Purple SyringeThis technology was originally developed in Russia and China, later perfected by a University of Southern California physics professor, and is now available for under $200.

bullet  Cure drug addiction virtually overnight with a natural plant substance. It sounds unbelievable, but it's true. This plant has been researched by psychiatrists from many prestigious universities, including New York University School of Medicine and the University of Miami School of Medicine. It has a very high success rate.

bullet  This French-American physician cured his addiction to alcohol using a common muscle relaxant medication—which apparently suppresses cravings for alcohol, cocaine, and heroine. University of North Carolina studies confirm the medication's effectiveness. Many have discovered this breakthrough by reading the doctor's tell-all book, which achieved best-seller status in France in 2008.

Aging Cause #9: Toxicity

Research has shown that about 75% of chronic disease and unnecessary aging is caused chiefly by environmental influences—principally from our toxic, poisoned, environment. Just as fish live in the sea, planet Earth is man’s fish bowl. On every level, our health is intimately influenced by the air—and other substances—we breathe; consumer goods that come into contact with our skin—the body’s largest organ; the food we eat; and the water we drink.

Each year more than 1,000 new, industrial chemicals are manufactured, adding to the current total of more than 100,000 foreign substances in our environment. These toxic substances include such familiar classifications of chemicals as food additives; industrial and household chemicals; agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides; solvents; and pharmaceutical and recreational drugs

Since the year 2000, the Environmental Working Group has spearheaded a series of studies which detected more than 450 industrial pollutants—pesticides, plasticizers, solvents, and other chemicals—in the blood, urine and breast milk of American citizens. The studies show the level of contamination is universal—affecting every person, every family, and every race, faith, and income group in every state—even newborn babies.

The following are examples of are new and unique methods of safely and effectively reducing toxicity within the body. This, in turn, helps rewind the clock so that an older person’s mental and physical experience of life is closer to that of a youthful person not plagued by toxic contaminants.

bullet  Glutathione is the body’s most significant and powerful detoxifier. Supplementing with additional amounts of glutathione would provide a tremendous boost to the body’s detoxification abilities. Normally, however, supplemental glutathione is destroyed in the acidic environment of the stomach. But recently, a new form of this miraculous detoxification substance has been discovered which effectively bypasses the digestive processes to powerfully amp-up the detoxification process.

bullet  This special type of sauna is 7-10 times more effective in removing toxins than conventional saunas. It provides detoxification of heavy metals including aluminum, cadmium, lead, and mercury; detoxification of Agent Orange, arsenic, formaldehyde, industrial chemicals, and pesticides; detoxification of alcohol, nicotine and drugs; and provides overall purification of the body on a cellular level.

bullet  Remove your internal poisons with this herbal blend that mobilizes toxic heavy metals and protects against heavy metal reabsorption and redistribution. This powerful blend is effective in reducing the entire spectrum of toxic metals: bismuth, cadmium, tin, lead, mercury, aluminum, nickel, antimony, arsenic, silver, beryllium, platinum, thallium, thorium, titanium, tungsten and uranium. This is critical, as the presence of multiple toxic metals significantly lowers the toxic threshold for each individual metal.

These are just a handful of the countless breakthroughs that can reverse the causes of aging.

Encylopedia of Anti-AgingAs I mentioned earlier, our expert team of researchers have searched the world over. And now, we’ve assembled an incredible compilation of information on the greatest anti-aging breakthroughs of our time and put them all in one place – The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs: A Step-by-Step Guide to Staying Healthy, Reversing Aging & Living Longer.

From ancient longevity secrets to the most up-to-date advancements in anti-aging – this book covers it all. The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs is the only resource of it’s kind that shows you how to eliminate ALL 9 underlying causes of aging.

Keep in mind - before any anti-aging breakthrough was allowed to be a part of this groundbreaking new book, it had to be qualified for it’s effectiveness, be totally safe, scientifically validated, and then finally, it had to go through our rigorous screening process.

But we didn’t stop there…

Here’s A Preview of More Breakthroughs
You’ll Find in The Encyclopedia…


Everyone knows the foods we consume provide the energy needed to power our lives. The Encyclopedia’s 50+ page chapter on Diet & Nutrition discusses the do’s and don’t of proper nutrition. This chapter is sure to shock even the most ardent healthy eaters.


As we age, our bodies require adequate exercise to function properly. The Encyclopedia discusses which exercises are best for aging adults, and reveals scientific documentation that some of the most popular exercises currently viewed as “healthy” are really harming your health.


Aging adults find it becomes progressively more difficult to obtain the adequate length and quality of restorative, regenerative sleep. The Encyclopedia reveals 30+ tips for better sleeping habits that will help you return to youthful sleeping patterns.


Scientists have recently discovered a specific mechanism within each cell that governs the ultimate length of life of all cells and, consequently, the ultimate maximum length of human life. This is the “ticking clock” that has been searched for since time immemorial.

A number of substances already have been identified which can slow and even reverse the ticking clock. This, in turn, slows and even reverses the aging process. The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs reveals many ways to slow and reverse the physical ticking clock.


Of the various anti-aging technologies discussed within The Encyclopedia—all of which are capable of turning back the physiological clock to various degrees—stem cell therapy holds the greatest promise of achieving the most progress within the shortest time span. Although this technology was virtually unknown to theStem Cell under Microscope public until very recently, great progress already has been made within this discipline.

The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs reveals a variety of current stem cell therapies used to treat many health conditions including Alzheimer’s, autism, cancer, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, spinal cord injury, stroke, visual enhancement, and dozens of additional medical conditions. Also discussed are clinics worldwide that currently perform these therapies.

Some researchers believe that by the year 2020 or sooner, treatment capabilities presently viewed as being nothing short of utter science fiction will be commonplace.

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That’s why The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs contains the most up-to-date, scientifically sound, and safest anti-aging breakthroughs known.

Our researchers have compiled a mountain of evidence for each and every topic covered – case study’s, clinical trials, expert interviews, and the like. These are carefully footnoted throughout The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs so you know that the information you’re receiving is accurate and up to date.

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Next Big Financial Crisis...
The Escalating Cost of Health Care

It’s no secret we’re currently in the midst of a world-wide financial crisis—with the United States leading the way. But there’s also a Medical Crisis—and YOU are part of it. Each year, U.S. citizens spend $36 billion on cholesterol and blood sugar drugs, $33 billion on cardiovascular drugs, $26 billion on pain and sleep drugs, and $17 billion on antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs. These are just some of the outpatient costs!

Did you know that...

  • Americans spend approximately twice as much money on health care as residents of other developed countries.
  • Money to BurnOver 40% of working-age Americans either have medical bill problems or are paying off medical debt.
  • Medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S.
  • More than 75% of people declaring bankruptcy had health insurance at the start of their illness.
  • Between 2000 and 2006, wages in the United States increased 3.8%, while health care premiums increased by 87%.
  • In 2007, $2.3 trillion ($7,600 per person) was spent on healthcare—16¢ out of every dollar.
  • Medical tourism—where Americans travel to foreign countries for expensive medical care—is becoming commonplace.
  • Healthcare spending in the U.S. is over 400% higher than America’s national defense budget!
  • 43% of Americans over the age of 65 will spend some time in a nursing home, and most people who enter a nursing home stay there for the remainder of their lives—usually at great expense.

What’s Your Share of the Medical Burden?

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