Harvard Medical Researchers
Switch On The "Immortality Gene"
With Shocking Lab Results

“What we saw... was not a slowing down
or stabilization of the aging process.
We saw a dramatic reversal...”

— Dr. Ronald DePinho, Lead Harvard Researcher

Human Beings Can Potentially Live An Extra
5, 10 Or Even 20 Years Or More In Good Health
With This Revolutionary Scientific Breakthrough!

In fact, three US-Based companies are currently producing anti-aging solutions right now (accessible to anyone) based on this very research and 279 registered biotech patents. Discover who they are and how you, too, can switch on your “immortality gene”...

From the desk of David Allen
President & CEO of Medical Research Associates
Seattle, Washington
Thursday, November 2, 2017

Dear Health-Conscious Friend,

It sounds like science fiction, but it’s not. In fact, growing old may now be optional — not inevitable. With this breakthrough technology, it may be possible for human beings to extend their lives significantly, possibly indefinitely.

Here’s what it’s all about...

In 2009, the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to three scientists for discovering a technology that is proven to slow down the aging process and possibly even reverse it.

In other words, this would allow someone to grow younger!

What these three scientists discovered (just ten years ago) was an “immortality gene”. It’s in every cell of the body. But strangely enough, for whatever reason (by design or evolution)... the “immortality gene” is permanently switched off in every cell of every human being on Earth.

There’s more...

What’s astounding is what the “immortality gene” does. It produces a very specific “life-extending enzyme”. This enzyme has the ability to stop, prevent and even reverse the aging process.

Over the last ten years, studies all over the world (from Spain, to South Africa, to the University of Utah) were conducted to confirm this scientific breakthrough.

They all verified that...

With the “immortality gene” switched off, the body does not produce the life-extending enzyme. And without this enzyme, we age, our organs deteriorate, our body contracts diseases and eventually... the inevitable happens.

Of course, what everyone really wanted to know was...

How To Switch On
The Immortality Gene...

Here’s what happened next:

In 2008, a team at the National Centre of Biotechnology in Spain started testing on mice. Now, mice are interesting creatures. They actually produce this life-extending enzyme their whole life.

So what this team did was genetically engineered a line of mice who produced significantly more of this life-extending enzyme.

Compared to wild mice, the ones with the immortality gene turned up lived 40% longer. They also had enhanced glucose sensitivity and motor function. Their skin was thicker and stronger. And they had lower levels of inflammation.

(Inflammation, as you may know, is the underlying cause for nearly every major life-threatening disease).

This was huge! But it gets even better...

laboratory mice

They bred a strain of genetically-manipulated mice — who like us — couldn’t produce this life-extending enzyme. (Remember — mice naturally produce this enzyme). In other words, these scientists switched off their immortality gene.

As predicted...

The mice grew old very quickly. They suffered from a poor sense of smell, decreased brain size, infertility, and damaged intestines and spleens.

HOWEVER — when the scientists switched the “immortality gene” back on... the tissue damage reversed! And furthermore, they did more testing... and every biological system tested showed signs of reversed aging!

After one month of treatment — the brain size grew bigger, and new neurons grew. Their skin and fur look younger. By all accounts, these mice have decreased in age!

Great... But What About Human Beings?

That’s a good question.

Since the early 1990s, a little known biotech company in California has been studying the “immortality gene” and the life-extending enzyme it produces.

In fact, they’ve filed 279 patents related to this technology.

Recently, they hit the jackpot.

They discovered a very rare herb, grown only on farms in a remote region of China. This herb, when extracted properly... refined, purified and processed to a single molecule...

...prompts your cells to switch on the “immortality gene” for a period of time... which then produces the life-extending enzyme...

Causing your cells to grow younger... which essentially...

Slows, Stops, or Even Possibly
Reverses The Aging Process!

The results of this miracle anti-aging solution were published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Rejuvenation Research on September 8, 2010.

This breakthrough in medical science is now available, to you.

But let me tell you about something else...

One of first US doctors who was licensed to administer this solution actually used himself as a “lab experiment” for an entire year.

He’s 54 years old, and you won’t believe what happen when he got his blood test results back...

bullet     His pulmonary age was reduced by 53% — which means his lungs are working at the same age as a 25 year old.

bullet    His cardiovascular age decreased by 35% — in other words, his heart and vessels are that of a 35 year old.

bullet    His neural age fell by 19% — so his brain power, memory and reaction speed matches that of a 46 year old.

And here’s the best part about all this...

When this treatment was first developed, it cost over $25,000 and you had to go to a special clinic and have it administered by a licensed doctor.

Fortunately, research and development has worked to bring this cost down... and now, it’s a simple solution you can self-administer at home... at a significantly smaller cost.

What’s more — two other companies have worked on similar solutions — based on the same “immortality gene” research — and have even cheaper options!

Family with balloons

In total — there are now 3 US-Based companies you can reach out to by mail, telephone or email... and purchase anti-aging solutions that can switch on your “immortality gene”, extend your life and possibly reverse aging!

Here’s why I’m telling you all this.

I’ve placed all this research, proof and contact information into a comprehensive book: The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs. It is a 275 plus page 81/2” X 11” book my team of researchers and I have spent the last three years researching and writing.

I’d like to send you a copy. In fact, I’d like you to have a copy for 50% off it’s retail price as an introductory offer for coming to this website. I’ll tell you more about that in a moment.

But first — As a baby boomer myself, uncovering cutting-edge science like the “immortality gene” has been the most important work I’ve every done in my life.

Truth is, I now know for a fact...

A Long, Healthy Life Isn’t
Science Fiction Anymore...

Switching on your “immortality gene” is just one of many anti-aging breakthroughs happening in the world right now.

Time, research, money and the best brains in the world are pouring into the field of “Anti-Aging”. In fact, the only way to describe the growth in this field of science is “explosive”.

Just last year, noted biomedical gerontologist Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D. said...science discoveries

With millions invested, a strategy in place and progress underway, regenerative medicine is finally closing in on the diseases of late life...”

He goes on to say the first people who will live past 150 have already been born.

In other words...

We now know more about the aging process than ever before. We know what causes aging and how it affects the body. And now we have the solutions to slow, halt, and possibly even reverse the aging process.

Very soon, the embarrassments of the aging process will be a thing of the past. I’m talking about weight gain, memory loss, dwindling sex drive, swollen and painful joints, digestive problems, trouble falling and staying asleep, energy crashes...

Or worse -- the bigger threats of diabetes, heart disease, cancer or other seemingly “incurable diseases” due to an aging body.

All of these health problems are being eliminated one by one in research labs, cutting-edge clinics and medical schools all over the world -- right now.

This Is NOT The Future of Anti-Aging. This Is Happening Right Now!

Best of all, most of these anti-aging discoveries don’t require complex medical procedures or treatments.

They don’t require dramatic changes in diet or lifestyle.

They’re not painful, difficult or expensive.

They’re actually safe, natural, often simple solutions that can...

Erase 10, 20 even 30 years worth of aging—you won’t believe your mirror
Restore memory, boost focus and enhance concentration
Reignite your sexual appetite and boost your stamina
Reset your sleep clock so you can sleep soundly
Reverse diabetes and control blood sugar
Refuel your energy, stamina and endurance
Heal and repair your painful, arthritic joints
Protect and enhance hearing and vision for life
End life-threatening diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes
Halt bone loss and reverse osteoporosis
Protect your heart, strengthen your cardiovascular system, and regulate blood pressure
And so much more!

And in a moment...

You’ll Get Instant and Unlimited Access
To All of Today’s Most Cutting-Edge
Anti-Aging Solutions...

But first, let me share with you HOW we uncovered these remarkable anti-aging secrets.

Eight years ago, we founded Medical Research Associates, a private Washington-based company specializing in investigative reporting in the fields of health and medicine.

Over these years our expert team has spent tens of thousands of hours doing exhaustive research to uncover, validate, and document nearly every single anti-aging breakthrough — most of which are so new, even your doctor won’t likely know about them for another 10 years.

Our elite team consists of…

bullet  Traditional and integrative physicians (MDs)

bullet  Naturopathic physicians (NDs)

bullet  Ph.D.s who specialize in a broad range of anti-aging and medical topics

bullet  Contributing medical writers, editors, investigative medical journalists

bullet  and a senior Medical Advisory Board

And what we’ve discovered will SURPRISE and even SHOCK you!

We uncovered real breakthroughs in nearly every category of aging...

From how our bodies age and the remedies to make them ageless – to optimizing strength & stamina while eliminating fatigue – from balancing nutrition for maximum health – to sleeping like a baby... and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

With our combined knowledge, experience,
and expertise, we have compiled...

The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs A Step-by-Step Guide to Staying Healthy, Reversing Aging & Living Longer

Encylopedia of Anti-Aging

According to government statistics, 43% of all Americans over the age of 65 will live out the remainder of their lives in a nursing home. I think there’s something severely wrong with that. I believe it’s your God-given right to live a lifetime of health, energy, and independence.

And I want you to experience it.

That’s why we've put together The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs...

To reveal the secrets of extending not just your lifespan, but your health-span as well.

After all...

Nobody wants to live to 150 if it means those last 50-75 years are spent in a bed, living on pills, attached to wires and tubes, relying on doctors and nurses to feed you, bathe you and keep you alive!

The simple fact is...

We’re at the dawn of a new age in health and medicine... And you have a front row seat!

These Anti-Aging Discoveries Are So New, Your Doctor Won’t Know About Them For Another 10 Years!

Here’s a brief preview of what you’ll discover inside The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs. Aside from discovering how to switch on your “immortality gene” and get the phone numbers of the 3 US-Based companies to call, you’ll also discover...

This Romanian cardiologist specializing in anti-aging treated John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Nikita Kruschev, Charlie Chaplin as well as many top government officials and ambassadors. What secret “fountain of youth” did this doctor have? And why did so many politicians, celebrities and wealthy individuals visited him? You’ll discover his surprising story on page 200. You’ll also discover the modern-day equivalent of this doctor living here in the United States and continuing this groundbreaking work.

You may have heard of “stem cells” on TV, or in magazines, or on the radio. There is a lot of controversy over the ethics of using stem cells from unborn fetuses. HOWEVER — while the media is focused on the “horrors” of stem cell research... the real underground story is science is working to “activate” our bodies to create more stem cells naturally.Purple Syringe Stem cells, as you may know, are “blank slates” that can become any cell your body needs. There are several labs and clinics in the world right now (including one in Colorado and one in California) that can help your body stimulate more stem cells. You’ll get their phone numbers on page 236.

Imagine a future where you can go to a “body shop” and order machine-made organs just like a car shop would help you replace parts. More science fiction? Not really. In 2006, a North Carolina doctor grew five bladders from scratch and transplanted them to patients who otherwise would have died. He succeeded. Another Maryland company is focusing on “tissue regeneration” to heal wounds, ulcers and other injuries. You can learn more about these technologies on page 242.

Do you remember the 1966 Isaac Asimov book and movie Fantastic Voyage? In it, a surgical team shrinks to the size of a micron and enters the patients body to cure him... from the inside! Truth is always stranger than fiction... because nanotechnology (really small, microscopic robots) is becoming reality more and more every day. I’ll tell you all about it inside The Encyclopedia.

As I mentioned, this is just a brief, very short, preview of what’s inside The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs. And as I said before, I’d like to mail you your own copy of this groundbreaking resource.

But I’d like to ask you a very important question first...

What Would You Give To Extend Your Healthy Life By 10... 20... Even 30 Years, Or More!?

You now know...

These numbers are not fantastic or unbelievable.

We are starting to discover the science of living forever. It is within our grasp. Medical science is very close to stopping, (and even reversing) the aging process.

On Queen Victoria’s deathbed — She was willing to give up her “kingdom for a moment of time!”

I’d like to send you a copy of The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs for much less. But frankly...

Purple SyringeYou simply cannot put a value on an extra ten, thirty or even seventy-five years of life. It would be an interesting exercise, however.

Stanford economists calculates the value of human life to be $129,000 per year... Based on Medicare insurance data, the cost of a kidney dialysis and other factors. If you could live another ten healthful years... Would $1.29 million sound fair to you?

Fact is — every year, U.S. Citizens spend $36 billion on cholesterol and blood sugar drugs, $33 billion on cardiovascular drugs, $26 billion on pain and sleep drugs and $17 billion on antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs.

And the sad part is, these drugs only treat symptoms. They don’t address the underlying problem — the disease!

The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs, on the other hand, is a compendium of solutions for curing disease, reversing the aging process, and preventing sickness from happening in the first place!

How Much Would A Resource Like This Be Worth To You?

Well, consider this:

The average doctor visit will cost you anywhere between $120 and $240. Chances are, they will prescribe drugs to you. Drugs that cause side effects. Drugs that cost hundreds, even thousands throughout the year. Drugs that treat symptoms, not the disease.

Inside The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs, you’ll find anti-aging secrets on each and every page, showing you exactly how to...

bulletSlow, stop, and possibly even reverse the aging process

bulletLive a high quality of life past 75, 85 or even 100 years old

bulletAvoid, cure and prevent life-threatening disease

bulletFeel vital, vibrant and energetic every day

bulletLook (and feel) 5, 10, even 25 years younger

And what’s more, the encyclopedia isn’t just proven scientific studies, and general recommendations...

Inside, you’ll find actual phone numbers and addresses of cutting-edge anti-aging companies you can contact. Like the scientists working on switching on your “immortal gene”... Or organ regeneration... or the latest stem cell research.

In other words...

It’s Not “What” You Know, It’s “Who” You Know

The Encyclopedia is not simply a collection of “what” you need to know to live longer with more energy... It’s also a directory of “who” to call to help you get there.

Discovering just one, or two groundbreaking anti-aging solutions would be priceless information. But The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs has dozens of labs, companies and doctors who are all at the forefront of reversing the aging process.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in research was invested into this one master encyclopedia. I could easily charge $299 or even $499 for a book like this. Many comparable research studies, directories and books in the medical field charge similar prices.

What you’re getting here is the most comprehensive, most complete and up-to-date resource on anti-aging available at this time—anywhere! And I’m only going to ask for the small investment of $109.

On that note, however — I have a mission to bring this information to as many people as possible — even if it means I profit less. That’s why, for this introductory period, I am offering The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs at just under 50% off — a small one-time investment of $59.95.

Let’s look at it this way. Most paid newsletters you may be subscribing to right now cost anywhere from $39 - $99 or more. Often, you are sent a brief eight pages in the mail each month. Over the course of the year — you’ll receive maybe 90 pages of health information — much of it not relevant to you.

With your one-time investment in The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs of $59.95, you are getting 275+ pages of directly relevant and cutting edge information, each and every page jam packed with usable methods, supplements, and new scientific procedures you can use the very next day.

Let’s break it down. If you were to (conservatively) only extend life an extra year based on this information, (remember, Stanford economists put this at $129,000)... Your investment in The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs would be a mere 14¢ a day.

But that 14¢ may be an even smaller investment — because The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs is sometimes referred to as...

The Book That Never Grows Old! (A Very Special Bonus)...

What do I mean by this? You see, my team of researchers and I have not stopped working since the publication of the book. We continue to seek out the most cutting-edge, most promising and scientifically proven anti-aging solutions from around the world. Just a few months ago, we’ve discovered a very unique treatment that helps restore hearing in the elderly.

Now — most publishers would smartly put this new information in a sequel, an updated version of their book... Or charge you annually for a newsletter membership. I have chosen to offer you unlimited access, year after year to our latest research 100% free of charge. This information is available in The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs password-protected Member’s Area.

That’s right — you read that right. You will get instant UNLIMITED access to every new anti-aging breakthrough — FREE — for years to come, the moment you invest in your very own copy of The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs.

To date, over 900 articles have already been uploaded and hundreds more are added each year!

But I’m not done yet. Because I want you to hold this encyclopedia in your hands and review the material as soon as possible... I’m going to place a very unique guarantee on my product...

The Encyclopedia’s 100% Risk-Free, 365-Day “Live 10+ Extra Years” Guarantee

If you're serious about living an extra 10 years or more of quality, healthful and active life... And you’re committed to doing whatever’s necessary to enjoy every moment of it... you already know The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs will give you EVERYTHING you need to discover, source and take action on the most cutting-edge anti-aging solutions available.

Many anti-aging resources cover just one or two aspects of what’s necessary to live longer. My team of international researchers have visited labs, traveled throughout the world, and had conversations with dozens of groundbreaking doctors, scientists, nutritionists and more.

Simply putThe Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs is the most comprehensive, most complete, the most courageous attempt to collect the world’s greatest anti-aging discoveries into one, single resource.

I'll make it simple for you. Order The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs. Review it. Study it. You can even reach out to the contacts listed inside to start on any one of the hundreds of anti-aging solutions presented inside.Gurantee Seal

If you can honestly say you don't feel "armed to the teeth" with the solutions, science, contacts included inside... And you don’t believe acting on this information could easily add 10 years of life...

...Then give me the word and I'll refund every penny you invested in The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs.

In fact, let me make it COMPLETELY risk-free for you. I want you to be 110% satisfied with The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs. If you review the Encyclopedia in its entirety, scour the Member’s Area thoroughly.. and get thousands of useful ideas on how to extend your life... but still feel it's NOT worth the money you paid for it... ASK FOR A FULL REFUND... even if it's the last day of the 365-day guarantee. I will honor it, no questions asked.

This is how strongly I believe in our master work. You will not see a guarantee like this anywhere else, I assure you.

Strive To Live To 150 Or Longer On Only 14¢ A Day

I agree with Dr. Aubrey de Grey. I truly believe living to 150 or longer is within our grasp today.

In the introduction of The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs, I show a detailed time line of how fast technology has moved in the past century. It took us thousands of years to invent the wheel. Hundreds of years to produce a steam engine... And in the 20th century alone, we’ve experienced the radio, TV, the Internet, WiFi, jet aircraft, and the list goes on.

Today we are programming machines to manufacture human organs!

It’s only a matter of months (weeks even) before the next scientific breakthrough shatters everything we know about how to live longer, extend our life, and reverse aging.

And as a member of The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs private, unlimited access website... you will hear about these developments right away in the Member’s Area.

Here’s what I want you to do next...

Simply click on the “Register Now” button below. You’ll be taken to a simple form with three different options to register:

Option 1. Soft Cover Edition of The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs (Physical book delivered to your door) + Unlimited Access to the Members-only website.

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Simply select the option that fits you best. Remember, whichever option you select, you’ll receive your exclusive and unlimited access pass to the Members-only website.

Register now...

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Unfortunately, While I Offer Knowledge To Live Longer & Healthier This Offer Itself Is Not Immortal

At an introductory rate of $109 $59.95 for a physical copy of The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging and unlimited access to the members’ website... I simply cannot hold this price forever.

In the very near future, any one of the following scenarios will occur...

bullet   I will raise the price of The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs back to $109.

bullet   I will start charging an annual (or monthly) subscription for the Member’s Area.

bullet   I will unbundle The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs from the Member’s Area.

bullet   I will do all of the above.

I would strongly encourage you to seize your opportunity to own a copy of The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs along with free, unlimited access to the Member’s Area NOW—-before it’s too late.

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What Is A Risk-Free 14¢/Day Offer... When You Could Extend Your Life By Years Or Possibly Even Decades?

Personally, I cannot think of any reason why you would not invest in The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs.

It is affordable. It is 100% risk-free. And I guarantee you will find information (you can act on) that you have not heard anywhere else.

Simply put, I trust my team of researchers.

What you’ll discover in The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs will open your eyes to a brave new world of reversing the effects of aging, curing life-threatening diseases and even living longer in good health.

Register as a Member of The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs now...

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Here’s a Preview of Some of the Breakthroughs You’ll Find in The Encyclopedia…

■  How to optimize your body’s genetic expression—which will help you live longer and healthier

■  How to use stem cells—the body’s master cells—to repair your body’s tissues and organs

■  How nanotechnology is revolutionizing the fields of health and medicine, starting from the atom up

■  Why beauty is much more than only skin deep

And Much, Much More, Including...

bullet A unique dietary supplement containing an array of ingredients including glycophospholipids, antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts has been shown to decrease symptoms of moderate to severe fatigue—and increase energy levels by over 40%—in eight weeks. After only 12 weeks of treatment, cellular energy function was found to be similar to that of young, healthy adults. (See pp. 36-37)

bullet Supplementation with this natural hormone could reduce healthcare costs—including prescription drug use—by up to 75%. According to some anti-aging specialists, the use of “these specific types” of hormones in aging individuals would make obsolete most prescription medications for cholesterol reduction, insomnia, menopause, migraine headaches, and osteoporosis. (See pp. 13-15)

bullet A certain form of seeds have been consumed by man for all recorded history. Used both medicinally and nutritionally, ancient Chinese physicians reported over 5,000 years ago Health, fitness & longevitythe disease-treating and health-benefiting role of this type of seed. Although accounts of this seed are reported in ancient manuscripts including the Old Testament book of Daniel, it is only recently that its nutritional and medicinal merits have been recognized. (See pp. 41-42)

bullet A significant number of elderly persons produce virtually no stomach acid. Proper digestion is such a critical aspect of maintaining good health that some scientists have proposed the Digestive Failure Theory of Aging. For just pennies a day, an inexpensive, natural plant substance can be taken orally which compensates for the lack or low levels of stomach acid. (See p. 42)

bullet A group of physicians at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children may have discovered the cure for diabetes using an extract from common chili peppers. When used on mice, virtually overnight, the mice no longer had the disease. “I couldn’t believe it,” remarked one of the doctors working on the study. “Mice with diabetes suddenly didn’t have diabetes anymore.” Learn about this potential breakthrough in diabetes treatment on p. 55.

bullet Watching the rapid age progression of diabetics is like watching the normal aging process on fast forward. Yet, enlightened doctors are reversing 90-95% of Type II and markedly improving Type I diabetics in about 30 days. Learn how to rid yourself of this health- and life-draining illness in the privacy of your own home. (See p. 55)

bullet Do you love your high-calorie diet? Want to find out how to eat what you crave without the harmful side-effects of diabetes and cardiovascular disease? Harvard scientists have shown how this plant substance prevents many of the detrimental health effects caused by over-eating and obesity (including glycation, lipoxidation, and carbonylation). It’s like having your cake and eating it too. (See pp. 49-50)

bullet It is recently understood that cold and flu seasons result largely from a deficiency of this one vitamin-like substance. Insuring adequate levels of this inexpensive, natural substance serves as a powerful illness and disease preventive. In fact, this substance could be considered “the ultimate natural oral vaccine” to prevent colds and flu. (See pp. 59-60)

bullet This master molecule, taken orally as a dietary supplement, is one of the, if not THE, most powerful immune boosters ever developed in the research lab—yet it is virtually unknown to all but the most up-to-date health aficionados. (See pp. 60-62)

bullet For centuries, garlic has been used medicinally with considerable success. But only recently, a new “super garlic” extract has been developed which increases its effectiveness many fold. This garlic-on-steroids exerts powerful anti-microbial actions against a broad range of pathogens including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Stay healthy with this odor-free new discovery. (See pp. 62-63)

bullet White blood cells are missiles of the immune system that seek out and destroy pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. An extract of brewer’s yeast uniquely attaches to these blood cells to vastly increase their aim and killing power. Rev-up your immune system with this natural powerhouse supplement and reduce your susceptibility to colds, flu, illness, and disease. (See p. 63)

bullet Used as a medicine by the ancient Egyptian pharaohs as well as traditional Ayurvedic medical practitioners of India dating back some 6,000 years, a special form of this common spice is one of the most powerful systemic anti-inflammatory substances know to man. Using this “super spice” extract produces nearly miraculous results in quenching the flames of inflammation anywhere in the body. (See p. 66)

bullet Over three decades of painstaking research has led to an oil extract of a marine mollusk that’s over 200 times more powerful than the gold standard anti-inflammatory—fish oil. This product is so effective that elite marathon athletes use it to prevent exercise-induced inflammation of the lungs. (See pp. 67)

bullet An enzyme originally isolated in the late 1960s from the Japanese silkworm—and currently produced commercially from a special bacteria culture—is one of nature’s most effective systemic anti-inflammatories. Although this enzyme remains virtually unknown to the medical community, those who use it swear by its effectiveness. (See pp. 67-68)

bullet Until recently, glutathione—the body’s master antioxidant—couldn’t be taken orally because it would be degraded in the harsh environment of the stomach. Modern science has recently discovered a breakthrough way to deliver this wonder substance so that it is absorbed at the rate of about 90%. This powerful master substance has no equal. (See p. 72)

bullet The Physician’s Health Study, which involved over 20,000 male physicians between the ages of 45 and 75, showed that an intake of 50 mg of this inexpensive antioxidant vitamin every other day reduced the rate of heart disease and stroke by 50%. (See p. 74)

bullet This $5 per month vitamin is the only antioxidant known to man that can be taken in sufficiently large yet non-toxic quantities to counteract virtually any amount of free radical pathology produced by any disease state, including the high level of free radical pathology produced in the lungs by various strains of otherwise lethal influenza. The traditional medical community has virtually no knowledge of this astonishing breakthrough. (See pp. 74-75)

bullet Reduce the risk of developing cancer by 50% when you take adequate quantities of this one vitamin. Reduce the risk 10-fold with adequate levels of this one vitamin plus one mineral. This is dirt-cheap prevention you can’t afford to be without. (See p. 76)

bullet This once-highly-guarded secret is a plant extract used by elite Russian athletes and Cosmonauts. In addition to increasing physical and sexual performance, it significantly reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and over-reactivity. (See pp. 86-87)

bullet Addiction—one of the manifestations of stress—can wreck your life. Learn the secret of how rocker Peter Townshend of The Who kicked his long-term heroin habit quickly and painlessly. This technology was originally developed in Russia and China, later perfected by a University of Southern California physics professor, and is now available for under $200. (See pp. 88-89)

bullet This French-American physician cured his addiction to alcohol using a common muscle relaxant medication—which apparently suppresses cravings for alcohol, cocaine, and heroine. University of North Carolina studies confirm the medication's effectiveness. Many have discovered this breakthrough by reading the doctor's tell-all book, which achieved best-seller status in France in 2008. (See pp. 221-222)

bullet This special type of sauna is 7-10 times more effective in removing toxins than conventional saunas. It provides detoxification of heavy metals including aluminum, cadmium, lead, and mercury; detoxification of Agent Orange, arsenic, formaldehyde, industrial chemicals, and pesticides; detoxification of alcohol, nicotine and drugs; and provides overall purification of the body on a cellular level. (See pp. 100-102)

bullet Remove your internal poisons with this herbal blend that mobilizes toxic heavy metals and protects against heavy metal re-absorption and redistribution. This powerful blend is effective in reducing the entire spectrum of toxic metals: bismuth, cadmium, tin, lead, mercury, aluminum, nickel, antimony, arsenic, silver, beryllium, platinum, thallium, thorium, titanium, tungsten and uranium. This is critical, as the presence of multiple toxic metals significantly lowers the toxic threshold for each individual metal. (See p. 100)

Rats on Co-Enzyme-Q10bullet Several years ago, scientists performed a groundbreaking experiment on the longevity of mice. One group received no Co-enzyme Q10—a natural, vitamin-like substance; one group received the traditional type of CoQ10; and the third group received a new, special type of CoQ10. Most striking in this study were the differences in physical appearance and activity levels of the three groups of mice at the middle-age marker. The mice receiving no CoQ10 appeared very old and decrepit. They exhibited aging signs similar to aging humans, including spinal and limb deformities, patchy and discolored hair, and lesions in and around the eyes. They were unresponsive to contact and had virtually no activity level. The CoQ10 group faired somewhat better, but had rounded backbones and discolored coats, but less so than the control group. The group with the special type of CoQ10, on the other hand, looked like young mice. They had no physical deformities, and were responsive and energetic. (See pp. 33-34)

bullet In addition to testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone, other critical hormones also decline with age—one of the most important of which is Human Growth Hormone. A natural substance has been discovered which duplicates the benefits of human growth hormone without the attendant side-effects. This discovery could be one of the most important breakthroughs in anti-aging medicine. According to the Society for Applied Research in Aging, the many benefits of this breakthrough substance include:

►  Increased development of lean muscle mass through development of new muscle cells

►  Reduced body fat

►  Increased energy and vitality

►  Increased strength and endurance

►  Accelerated healing from wounds including surgery

►  Strengthened cardiovascular system

►  Enhanced immune function

►  Increased IGF-1 production

►  Improved sleep quality

►  Increased calcium retention, and strengthened and increased mineralization of bone or bone density

►  Increased protein synthesis and stimulated growth of all internal organs (excluding the brain)

►  Improved liver uptake of glucose

►  Promotion of liver glucogenesis

►  Maintenance of pancreatic beta cells (See pp. 20-22)

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